Post Construction Cleanup

Sump pumps are a leading cause of flooding in basements. We receive many calls where there are thousands of dollars in damage due to a malfunctioning sump pump. In most cases, this damage could have been prevented simply by checking the unit. The most common reasons for a sump pump flooding are: Pump isn’t working correctly; Pump has become clogged with debris; Pump isn’t plugged in.

Defining Furnace Puff Back and Preventing It

Furnace puff back occurs when your oil-burning furnace misfires. In layman terms, if the burner fails to ignite upon triggering, fumes can build up. Then when the furnace finally ignites, an explosion occurs.

“Furnace puff back is similar to a car backfiring, but it is more dangerous and damaging,” said Mark Lamphear, Senior Director of Restoration at Cleantec Services.