Success Starts with a Clean Workplace


The importance of a clean work environment goes beyond appearance.

Most of us prefer visually appealing and organized settings because it provides a sense of control. Like when you are in the grocery store searching for a particular item. The aisles are organized, as are the products on the shelves. For the most part, this allows you to quickly navigate and locate the desired item, giving you a feeling of success.

The work environment has a similar impact on employees. Having a tidy and clean workplace improves the production and quality of work.

How? First, a tidy workplace enables employees to efficiently do their job day in and day out. Knowing where the tools are located to complete a job is imperative. This could be supplies, accessories to a computer system or even reports in a file. Trusting in a tidy work environment provides order, and where there is order, there is less waste.

A clean workplace also has fewer germs, which reduces the spread of colds and illnesses. Did you know that one person carrying a virus will infect 50% of surfaces in four hours? By keeping surfaces clean and sanitized, employees can stay on schedule thereby producing higher quality work.

Dirty work environments also distract employees, according to a study conducted by Jefferey Campbell, PhD chair of the facilities management program at Brigham Young University. Of those surveyed, 88% reported an unclean environment inhibited productivity, concentration and learning.

Clean and tidy work environments also boost morale. When an employee comes to work in an organized environment, it is a confidence booster. There is a sense of order and security allowing employees to focus. This improves communication and collaboration, as well as trust in team members, which leads to increased production.

As you can see, a clean and tidy work environment contributes greatly to the success of a business.

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