Home Maintenance Tips for Mid-Winter

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Here we are, mid-February, and hibernation is almost over. The holidays are behind us and spring is peeking around the corner. Now is a good time to focus on a few indoor cleaning tasks.

Your kitchen has just endured a marathon of use: baking goods for gifts, preparing meals for holiday parties, and serving as a welcome area for visitors.

One of the first tasks you should tackle is cleaning your kitchen exhaust fan. Grease builds up quickly in a kitchen and if you are running your fan regularly, the grease will get sucked into the unit. There are several elements you will want to clean and/or replace including the filter, interior hood and fan. Homeadvisor offers great advice on tackling this task. While you are at it, give your stove top and oven a thorough cleaning – BHG offers best practices for multiple different stove tops and ovens here.

Airborne grease doesn’t stop at your exhaust fan. In fact, it travels throughout the kitchen landing on all types of surfaces. While we clean our counter tops, stove tops and furniture regularly, we tend to forget about the vertical surfaces such as our cabinets. Give your cabinets and other surfaces a fresh cleaning using a citrus based cleaner or a white vinegar solution.

If you live in central New York, your furnace has probably been running for months. February is a good time to inspect your furnace filter and change it, if necessary. It’s also a good time to pull out the vacuum and clean out your HVAC system. By removing dust, you will improve the efficiency of your system while also reducing the chances of overheating. Added bonus – your system will be blowing cleaner air.

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