Ensure Your Fire Alarm Works Properly

20170524-Fire Alarm testing.jpg

Fire alarm systems are proven life-saving devices.

Conducting regular maintenance and ensuring proper operation of your fire alarm system is prudent. It will provide household members with ample warning in the event of a fire. On the other hand, failure to ensure fire alarm systems are operating correctly can decrease the alarm’s effectiveness. If an alarm activates falsely, household members may dismiss the alarm in a real emergency.

Here are some tips to ensure your fire alarm is working properly:

  • Notify Security Company. If your smoke detector is hardwired to a monitored security system, be sure to notify the security system's company that you are performing a test prior to testing the alarm.

  • Ask for assistance. Have someone stand in the room farthest from the detector when you test it to make sure it is loud enough to be heard everywhere.

  • Test the power. Many smoke detectors have a light indicating the unit is receiving power. But you should still use the test button to ensure the alarm sounds properly.

  • Test your detector at least once each month. Check the smoke sensor using an aerosol spray; test the smoke sensor using real smoke.

  • Replace batteries regularly. If you have a battery powered detector (even if it is functioning properly), it is a good practice to replace the batteries twice each year.

  • Replace old smoke detectors. Most devices last about 10 years before they become unreliable.

Remember, a working fire alarm is beneficial to your safety.

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