Six Ways to Clean More Than Just Your Floors Using a Vacuum

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When you think of cleaning with a vacuum, you’d imagine cleaning floors, carpets and possibly furniture. Little did you know … your vacuum can be used to clean so much more! Here are six different ways to use your vacuum for quick and easy cleaning in your home!  

Clean Light Fixtures and Lamp Shades

Using a vacuum attachment or a small handheld vacuum is a great way to clean hard to reach light fixtures. You can also remove dust from lampshades. These places collect a ton of dust and are very commonly overlooked when cleaning.

Clean Curtains

Long curtains and drapes are major dust magnets. Eliminate dust by simply running a handheld or vacuum attachment down the hanging drapes and curtains. This will rid them of all dust particles quickly and easily!

Clean Window Screens 

Windows and screen doors collect a ton of grime and dust overtime. To avoid the wind blowing everything into your house, just run your vacuum attachment down the screen. This will quickly clean any trapped grime or dust.

Clean Fireplaces

The last place you would think to clean with a vacuum is your fireplace. But it’s super important to clean it regularly. Your fireplace collects a ton of dust, which accrues over time. Use vacuum attachments to clean the wood, surrounding bricks and interior of your fireplace regularly to avoid dust collection.

Clean Shelves

Cleaning your shelves with a vacuum is a quick and easy way to eliminate dust. It’s also more efficient and healthier. By using a handheld or vacuum attachment rather than dusting, all harmful dust particles are sucked up rather than scattered back into the air.

Clean Kitchen Appliances 

Your kitchen and kitchen appliances are full of little nooks and crannies that accumulate dust and crumbs overtime. Using a vacuum attachment makes it easy to access hard to reach places. It also does the job much quicker.

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