Five Ways to Prepare and Organize for the School Year

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Labor Day is less than two weeks away. It came early this year, which means back-to-school season is quickly approaching. Are you ready? If not, we can help get you motivated. Here are five ways to prepare yourself and the kids for September’s hectic school mornings.

Clean Out Your Fridge 

When it comes to organizing, cleaning out your fridge and pantry before the new school year ranks high. By cleaning out and compacting the old, you can make way for lunch items and easy to grab snacks. This should help streamline your routines and forgo some “Mom!! Where is XXX?”

Upgrade Cleaning Supplies

Stock up on cleaning supplies and replace old towels/mop heads before the start of the school year. This ensures you’ll always have supplies on hand in case there’s any spills or accidents on busy school mornings. It’s also a good idea to replace these items frequently so you know you are getting the best clean!

Tidy Up the Mud Room

The kids will be coming home from school with their bags, coats, shoes, and more. Create a space for them to store their stuff and to keep your kids, and your house, more organized. 

Donate Unwanted Clothes and Toys

Before school starts back up, go through any clothes to weed out the items that no longer fit or that you no longer need. Get your kids involved, too, and have them sort out their unwanted toys. Then you can donate the items to your local charity or thrift store.

Organize and Label Storage

Before packing away summer clothes, shoes, toys, etc., label the boxes. This way you will know what you’re putting away in storage easing the confusion next year when you pull the items out.

Wishing everyone a clean and happy new school year!

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