11 Cleaning Tips from Our Professionals


Our business is cleaning, and collectively, we have been in the business for 67 years. That is a lot of cleaning experience! With all this knowledge, we thought we should share it. So, we asked our cleaning professionals, the men and women who have decades of experience, to share some tips. Here are 11 cleaning gems they shared:

  • Always make sure you clean stainless steel before polishing it

  • Use rubbing alcohol to remove haze from mirrors

  • Attach a tennis ball to a broomstick to get rid of scuff marks on floors

  • Use a damp flat mop to clean baseboards and walls

  • Remove ink from countertops using a small dab of hand sanitizer

  • Use a lint brush to remove hair and fuzzies from furniture

  • Put microfiber cloths on tongs to clean blinds

  • Use baking soda to remove rust from sinks

  • When dusting always work top to bottom

  • Use a lemon to remove water spots on fixtures

  • For salt stains on carpet, mix up a solution of 1 part warm water and 1 part white vinegar

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