Create and Practice Home Fire Exit Plan with Family

Sample Evacuation Plan

House fires are unpredictable, which is why every household should have a fire exit plan in place. Not only that – every household member should practice the fire exit plan. Here are some tips for developing and executing a fire exit plan:

  • Make sure you have at least two escape routes out of every room.

  • Include a meeting point outside of the home where everyone will go in the event of a fire.

  • Assign one person who will be responsible for helping anyone who would not be able to get out of the home on his or her own.

  • If you have young children, post the fire exit plan in their room to help them remember what the plan is.

  • Instruct family members to feel doors before opening them. If the door is hot, they should use an alternative route as specified in the fire exit plan.

  • If there is heavy smoke, household members should crawl on the floor to avoid smoke inhalation.

  • Once you have developed your plan, review it with the entire household. Instruct each member of the household on what to do if they notice a fire.

  • Practice your exit plan. Have every family member practice the exit routes from each room at least once or twice a year.

  • Conduct an unexpected fire drill. Don’t tell anyone it is a false alarm so it will be treated like the real thing. Try to do this when everyone is home so everyone can get the practice.

  • Inspect each door and window in your home to ensure they are not blocked. If a fire happens, you want as many ways to get out of the house as possible. Make sure there is nothing keeping you or your loved ones from getting out safely.

  • Make sure all household members have memorized the fire department emergency number.

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