7 Tips to Help Sell Your House


You’re preparing to sell your home. And, unless you enjoy living in a state of flux, you will want to complete the sale quickly. While we can’t help you market your home – you’ll need a realtor for that – we can offer helpful advice. After all, keeping up appearances is kind of our thing ;)

First things first – specifically, first impressions. You want curb appeal. Whether through photos or in-person, the exterior of your home should entice buyers. Make them want to see more and schedule an interior tour. Potted flowers, a well-maintained lawn and yard, and neutral home colors will attract buyers.

Begin packing. Clutter makes a house feel smaller so clean out everywhere including the closets, drawers and cupboards. The more you can pack away, the better as it allows the buyer to see themselves in your house. Consider renting a storage unit and pack away unnecessary items until you move. You should also take down personal pictures, keep the counter tops clear and everything organized and tidy. If a buyer sees neatly stacked dishes and coffee cup handles facing the same way, they will believe you take good care of the rest of the house, as well.

Remove anything with a strong odor. The smell of a house can be a deal breaker, so begin sniffing out any problem areas. Have the curtains and bedding cleaned. Remove wallpaper holding an odor. And consider hiring a professional company to clean the carpets. Once you are finished, invite an unbiased third party over for a final sniff test. Lastly, keep the odor out so your house smells fresh and clean when you’re ready to show it.

Create a fresh, clean slate by giving your house a deep clean. Steam the floors and clean the walls. A little bit of soap and hot water will remove fingerprints, but a stronger cleaner might be necessary for other stains. Take special care with the bathroom, making sure the tile, counters, shower and floors shine. Any walls that are marked up or dingy should be repainted – remember to use a neutral color. Don’t forget the baseboards and doors – clean up all scuff marks.

Make sure that the mechanicals of the house are in good working order. Toilets, sinks, appliances, furnaces, fireplaces and electrical should all be in working condition. Inspect your basement and attic for potential mold problems. Contact a professional to address any suspected mold – it’s better to take care of any issues before potential buyers see it.

Take time to inspect your house and make repairs. Replace cracked floor or counter tiles and patch any holes in walls. Fix loose handles, stuck drawers and sticky doors. You don’t want the potential buyer thinking, “What else needs to be fixed?”

Think Fresh. Green is good, because plants create a more welcoming environment. You might also want to consider a bouquet of flowers or fresh baked cookies on the kitchen counter (the fragrance will be appealing to buyers).

We hope these tips help you sail through the selling process!

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