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Living green is very important to us here at Cleantec. For this reason, we thought we'd share some green cleaning tips. After all, March has just come in like a lion (can you believe this snow!), which means spring is soon to follow. And what is commonly associated with this season? Spring cleaning, of course!

Here are four tips to help you live green:

DIY Cleaner
When cleaning surfaces (countertops, furniture, floors, etc.), opt for chemical free cleaners. There are numerous companies offering environmentally friendly cleaners including Method, Seventh Generation and Green Works. Check out this list of 12 natural and eco-friendly cleaners.
If you are the DIY type, you can make your own homemade green cleaner. Not only will you know exactly what is in your cleaning product, but you might save a few dollars, too! Here are eight recipes for natural cleaning products from oven cleaner to a natural air freshener.

Reuse Cleaning Tools
Another great and green way to save money is using rags for cleaning. Skip the paper towels (and save some trees), and clean with an old T-shirt ripped into rags. The same goes for disposable dusters and sweepers - swap them out for reusable mops and rags. When you are finished with the rags, you can drop them off to a textile recycler.
Nonprofit organizations like the Rescue Mission, Salvation Army and Goodwill accept used textiles at donation centers.

Cleaning out
Speaking of unwanted goods ... when you are decluttering your home, consider these greener options as opposed to throwing things away. You can hold a yard sale, donate to a nonprofit, or sell your stuff on eBay, LetGo or Facebook Marketplace, among other online resellers. Think of all the unnecessary items you could keep out of landfills!

Add Greenery
Who doesn’t like a fresh breeze coming through the home on a perfect day? The circulation of air just feels green! Another way to get clean air is by adding houseplants to your home. Not only do they bring life (literally) to a room, but they also help filter indoor air!

Here’s to going green this spring!

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