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Flooding can happen anywhere. The season doesn’t matter, nor does proximity to lakes and rivers. Even higher elevations are not resistant to water damage.

While exterior elements can certainly affect the possibility of water invading your home or business, these are not the only factors. In fact, flooding and storm damage are only one type of water damage.
Consider the water running within your home:
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Overflowing bathtubs and sinks
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Malfunctioning appliances resulting in water leakage
  • Indoor sprinkler malfunctions

Let’s face it. If you have running water in your home, you can be susceptible to flooding and water damage.
That said, we want to provide you with some tips to reduce and prevent water damage. Even if you’ve already contacted a professional to address and repair your problem, these tips will help.

TIPS to Prevent Water Damage While You Wait for the Professionals
First things first – Safety is a priority! Remember this advice:
  • Water and Electricity don’t mix. Stay away from all electrical outlets exposed to water.
  • Avoid rooms with sagging ceilings due to water damage. You don’t want to be under them when the support gives.
  • Avoid slippery floors due to water leaks, thus dangerous falls.

Now for the clean-up to minimize damage:
  • Soak up excess water with a mop or towels
  • If possible, move wood furniture to a dry area; remove excess water to prevent water stains
  • Move artwork, throw rugs and loose items to a dry area
  • Place aluminum foil between furniture legs and wet carpeting. This will help protect the wood.
  • Prop wet upholstery and cushions in an arid area to begin the drying process

We hope you never have to suffer the effects of water damage. But if you do, we hope these tips will help you to prevent further damage.

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