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Spring is here, and in Central New York that means rain. Now is the time to test your sump pump and make sure it is working properly.

The sump pump is used to prevent ground water from getting into the basement. Extra water can build up along the foundation,especially during heavy rains. A sump pump moves this excess ground water out and away from your home. If your pump stops working, water can seep into your basement and foundation walls, causing mold and mildew. If enough water gets in, the basement could flood.

With a perimeter drainage system, your sump pump is your main line of defense against a basement flood. Your sump pump system must be powerful and reliable so you can count on a dry basement.

Here are four steps to ensure your sump pump is working properly:

Check the Drain Outside

Most sump pumps drain to the outdoors. If you have an outlet pipe leading to your yard, grab a flashlight, find the end, and look inside. If you see a lot of debris blocking the pipe, clear it out so that water can easily move to the outdoors.

Investigate the Pump

Look over the pump to see if there’s anything jeopardizing proper operation. Submersible pumps, which sit in the basin of the sump pump have a waterproof case. If the encasement develops a crack, it will compromise the pump’s performance completely. Your best option is to replace the entire system.The same may be true if wires are frayed; however, some problems may be repaired.

Make Adjustments

There is a grate on the bottom of the sump pump you may need to clean during your routine check. This is especially necessary in early spring when there may be quite a bit of buildup. You’ll likely have to remove the pump for access.

Test the Pump’s Operation

You’ll need to run a test on the system. Simply fill a bucket with water and fill it to the top of the pit. Make sure water moves out of the pit at a reasonable rate. If the pump does not start up at all, try resetting the circuit breaker. You should do this often if your basement floods frequently.

Here at Cleantec, we suggest you conduct follow up testing on your sump pump every month or two throughout the summer and fall.

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