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In Parts I-III of this series, we addressed: “How do I know if I have mold in my home?”, “Is an assessment necessary?” and “What are the steps to cleaning up?” In part IV of the series, we address “How to choose a contractor”.

I’ve decided to have a remediation contractor do the work. How can I tell a good one from a bad one?

Like most trades and professions, consider the following factors when choosing a remediation contractor:
- Education
- Licensing
- Experience
- Reviews

Your assessor should have provided you with a reasonable estimate of what a remediation contractor should charge. Therefore, price should not factor into your decision. Let’s take a look at each factor and the requirements a contractor should meet.

The remediation contractor doesn’t need to be a scientist or certified industrial hygienist. That is an assessor level education. To avoid further contamination within your home, a contractor needs to understand what they are remediating and how to contain it.

Mold is too small to see when airborne; it can float in the air for weeks before settling. Because of this, a remediation contractor should clearly explain how they will contain the area and trap disturbed mold spores while working. Accepted standards clearly define methods for containing mold spores. Research the standard your contractor follows and confirm they practice it accurately.

The most universally accepted standard is from an organization known as the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Remediation Certification). Your contractor should employ technicians who have, at minimum, an AMRT certification (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician). The company as a whole should be certified as well. Ask for the documentation.

In order to perform the work, NYS requires the company and every person on the job to be licensed by the state. Checking for license is an easy task. NYS issues cards just like Drivers Licenses for workers and project supervisors to carry on the job site.

We have not discussed insurance as a factor because NYS keeps a company’s insurance certificate on file. If insurance lapses, NYS revokes a company’s license. Note: NYS does not require a contractor to be insured for “pollution” and “errors and omissions”. This higher level of coverage often distinguishes the true professionals, so ask your contractor if they carry it.

The quality and quantity of the companies work history should be part of your hiring decision. How long have they been helping clients? Are they local? Have they invested in educating their staff? Is there level of experience demonstrated by their online presence?

A great contractor will be proud of their work. Therefore, they will have references and experience ready to show. Experience matters; ask what they have.

Many people use online reviews of previous customers as the main determining factor. Those reviews are important, but how many of those customers went through the vetting process first? How many reviewers have been through a mold issue before and have some basis for the review? What are they comparing to?

Read the reviews and ask the contractor about specific reviews and the projects associated with them. It is also important to ask whether a contractor has reviews and recommendations from others in the industry. A client will tend to base a review on customer service. An industry leader or educator will give recommendations on performance and true capability. Obtain both types of reviews.

Choose your contractor carefully. Use these tips to help guide you when discussing the project with a contractor.

Mold Questions Answered, Part V: Obtaining a Post Remediation Assessment to confirm all work has been completed.

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