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Technicians Offered IICRC Classes at Cleantec

Registration Underway for Water Damage, Fire & Smoke Restoration Courses
In January, Cleantec will offer two IICRC Certification courses at their Liverpool location (1232 Tulip Street, Liverpool):
  • IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT)
  • IICRC Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT)


Conduct Regular Maintenance on Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps are a leading cause of flooding in basements. We receive many calls where there are thousands of dollars in damage due to a malfunctioning sump pump. In most cases, this damage could have been prevented simply by checking the unit. The most common reasons for a sump pump flooding are: Pump isn’t working correctly; Pump has become clogged with debris; Pump isn’t plugged in.

Defining Furnace Puff Back and Preventing It

Furnace puff back occurs when your oil-burning furnace misfires. In layman terms, if the burner fails to ignite upon triggering, fumes can build up. Then when the furnace finally ignites, an explosion occurs.

“Furnace puff back is similar to a car backfiring, but it is more dangerous and damaging,” said Mark Lamphear, Senior Director of Restoration at Cleantec Services. 

Cleantec Names Lisa Richardson HR Manager

We are happy to announce that Lisa Richardson has joined our team as the Human Resources Manager.

In this role, she will oversee the administrative functions of Cleantec Services, which include recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees. With 15-plus years of experience in Human Resources, Lisa also serves as a link between management and staff.

How to Prevent a Clogged Dryer Vent

More than 2,900 clothes dryers catch fire annually. Since failure to clean the exhaust is the leading cause, a majority of these fires could have been prevented.

Dryer vents clog when lint accumulates in the ventilation system causing blockage. There are a variety of ways that a dryer vent can clog with lint.

Cleantec Names Mark Coyne General Manager

We are happy to announce that Mark Coyne has joined our team as the General Manager. In this role, he is responsible for the everyday operations of Cleantec Services.

Starting in mid-July, Mark hit the ground running by listening to both staff members and customers. “It’s important to understand our team members’ real challenges, address those challenges and follow through with solutions. Helping people to succeed is my main focus and what I am most passionate about,” Mark said.

Practice Safety When Using Fireworks

While a majority of injuries and damage caused by fireworks take place during Fourth of July celebrations, it's important to practice firework safety all year long.

In 2015, approximately 285.3 million pounds of fireworks were used. Of that, 260.7 million pounds were used by everyday people. In other words, more than 90% of fireworks used in 2015 were by non-professionals. Since fireworks usage is rather common, safety can often be overlooked. 

10 Facts About Mold in the Home

We want to remove some of the mystery around mold and focus on the facts. Here we have shared some health facts and interesting details about this natural, yet destructive substance.

1) Mold feeds on dead organic material. Since most homes are constructed from wood or organic fibers, they are an ideal feeding ground. 

Cleantec Merges with R&R Janitorial to Form One Team

On April 30, 2018, Greg Gerst and Marty Coyne bought Cleantec Enterprises, Inc. merging the business with Ragnar and Rollo Industries, Inc. (dba R&R Janitorial Service, Inc.). This union has joined two premier service companies, each with a long-standing commitment to providing superior service to central New York.

“Marty and I saw the potential of bringing these two great businesses together,” said Greg, Chief Executive Officer of the newly formed company operating under the name Cleantec Services.

Seven Tips to Help Sell Your House

You’re preparing to sell your home. And, unless you enjoy living in a state of flux, you will want to complete the sale quickly. While we can’t help you market your home – you’ll need a realtor for that – we can offer helpful advice. After all, keeping up appearances is kind of our thing ;)

First things first – specifically, first impressions. You want curb appeal. Whether through photos or in-person, the exterior of your home should entice buyers. Make them want to see more and schedule an interior tour. Potted flowers, a well-maintained lawn and yard, and neutral home colors will attract buyers.

Clean Your A/C Unit to Prevent Spread of Mold

Did you know that your air conditioning unit can play host to mold growth? And it makes sense – the system pulls humid, hot air from inside a home. Then, that damp air combines with dust particles and ideal temperatures, resulting in a perfect environment for mold growth.

What to Expect When Your Home Floods

Water has the ability to turn your life upside down. Storm water is probably the most invasive and scary, especially considering the unknowns. It’s hard to determine when surging waters will stop. Malfunctioning appliances are another hazard. A 40-gallon hot water heater can cause serious damage when the holding tank fails. And then there is human error, such as when the bathtub overflows.

Professional Window Cleaning Tips

Spring has arrived. While it’s still too cold to open the windows, enjoying the sunshine through them is a springtime perk. Sparkling clean windows make it even better!

Here at Cleantec, we offer professional window cleaning services to our commercial customers. While we don’t offer this service for residential properties, we can certainly offer professional window cleaning tips!

What to Expect When Mold Invades Your Home

When mold invades your home, it can be scary business. We want to calm your fears by providing information on what to expect when you suspect or find mold.

First, you should know mold needs three major factors to thrive: warm temperatures, moisture and organic material for food. These conditions must also be present for several days to allow mold to grow.

Tackle Spring Cleaning with 4 Green Living Tips

Living green is very important to us here at Cleantec. For this reason, we thought we'd share some green living tips. After all, March has just come in like a lion (can you believe this snow!), which means spring is soon to follow. And what is commonly associated with this season? Spring cleaning, of course!

Here are four tips to help you live green:

Home Maintenance Tips for Mid-Winter

Here we are, mid-February, and hibernation is almost over. The holidays are behind us and spring is peeking around the corner. Now is a good time to focus on a few indoor cleaning tasks.

Your kitchen has just endured a marathon of use: baking goods for gifts, preparing meals for holiday parties, and serving as a welcome area for visitors.

Address Excess Attic Moisture to Prevent Damage

Excess attic moisture can quickly lead to significant problems. In addition to decreasing the effectiveness of insulation, excess moisture can lead to structural damage. Rafters and trusses can begin to rot when excess moisture is not removed.

Here are some indicators that you have excess attic moisture:

Water Damage Prevention Tips for Flooding

Flooding can happen anywhere. The season doesn’t matter, nor does proximity to lakes and rivers. Even higher elevations are not resistant to water damage.

While exterior elements can certainly affect the possibility of water invading your home or business, these are not the only factors. In fact, flooding and storm damage are only one type of water damage.

Prevent Mold Growth on Carpets

Carpets can harbor a lot of dirt if not regularly cleaned – this goes for both residential and commercial properties. But, did you know your carpet can also serve as a host to mold growth?

Mold needs three major factors to thrive: warm temperatures, moisture and organic material for food. These conditions must also be present for several days to allow mold to grow. Since most carpets are made of synthetic material, you are likely in the clear. However, if your carpet is harboring dirt – specifically organic material – a simple spill could create the perfect environment for mold growth.

Dangers of Leaking Pipes: How to Detect a Leak, Steps to Fix It

Leaking pipes can wreak havoc on your home.

Whether in the wall, under the sink or in the floor, pipes that are leaking water should be addressed immediately. If left unnoticed, the problem can only be compounded leading to more extensive and expensive damage that can potentially impact your health.


Success Starts with a Clean Workplace

The importance of a clean work environment goes beyond appearance.

Most of us prefer visually appealing and organized settings because it provides a sense of control. Like when you are in the grocery store searching for a particular item. The aisles are organized, as are the products on the shelves. For the most part, this allows you to quickly navigate and locate the desired item, giving you a feeling of success.


How to Prevent Freezing Water Pipes

As outdoor temperatures decrease, it is important for homeowners to turn their attention to their pipes. When water pipes freeze, due to inadequate heat, pressure builds and can cause the pipes to burst.

Did you know: a 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can release up to 250 gallons of water a day. By conducting regular maintenance, you can prevent your home’s water pipes from bursting.

How to Clean Your Chimney & Prevent Home Fire

As the temperatures cool outside, it’s time to turn on the heat inside. The fireplace is a perfect asset. While HVAC systems account for 48% of energy use in a U.S. home, the fireplace is power efficient. It also provides a comfortable home and ambiance.

However, the fireplace also comes with unseen risks. It is imperative to regularly clean your chimney to prevent potential house fires. Here we provide some insight into properly cleaning your fireplace.

How to Remove Tough Carpet Stains

Carpet stains can be tough, but removing them doesn’t have to be. Whether it’s wine, gum, grease or wax, it’s possible to tackle the mess yourself. The trick is approaching each stain the proper way to ensure the most satisfying results.

Although certain stains require specific treatment, there are various universal techniques you can use:

Cleantec Donates $400 to American Cancer Society

Cleantec recently donated $400 to the American Cancer Society.

“Cancer is a disease that touches everyone – individuals, family members, coworkers. It knows no boundaries,” said Mike Lawler, Cleantec’s General Manager. “We wanted to make this donation in support of everyone affected by cancer.”

Live Sustainably Using Green Methods

sustainableMaintaining a home, whether it’s after experiencing destruction or on a general day-to-day basis, can be time consuming. It can also be extremely expensive. However, there are ways to manage your home, which are both cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Adopting certain “green” methods into your lifestyle can help achieve these goals.

First off, it is important to recognize the benefits of creating (and owning) a sustainable home. Certain advantages of an environmentally safe home include: economic benefits, environmental impacts and health advantages. 

How to Minimize Smoke Damage Odors

According to the American Red Cross, house fires are the most common emergency in the U.S. Structures that remain habitable after a fire will most likely be affected by smoke damage. While smoke damage is dangerous, sometimes deadly, there are measures you can take to clean and minimize odors.

First, use your vacuum cleaner to suck up soot that is left behind. Next, use Trisodium Phosphate (a cleaning agent) and warm water to create a cleaning solution. 

Is It Mold? Questions You Should Ask

You take every precaution to ensure mold doesn’t grow in your home. You check within the corners of your ceiling, between the tiles of your floor. Despite your best efforts, mold can still occur.

Before jumping to conclusions, confirm that what you have is truly mold. Many times, black mold can be confused with dirt and stains. If you find yourself unsure of what substance is growing, ask yourself these questions:

5 Tips to Prevent Storm Damage

Despite the impending season of winter, our weather seems to be increasing in temperature. Because of this irregularity, storm surges are becoming the norm. Although this part of the country does not encounter extremely destructive weather, it does experience some of the backlash.

Violent weather brings about a number of hazards that can affect your home. Incidences such as wind, water and fire damage are extremely likely, if not prepared for. Certain storms, such as thunderstorms, have the potential to create ongoing home issues.


Water Damage Prevention Tips

Water damage, due to occurrences such as burst pipes, leaky roofs, and broken valves, can happen at any time. Sometimes a water related situation is out of your control, but there are ways to be proactive.

Here are five tips on how you can ensure your home does not undergo any destruction due to water.

Gutter Maintenance Helps Prevent Water Damage

Maintaining your home’s roof gutters is important to help minimize rain damage. This is especially true in autumn when the leaves are falling.

When operating correctly, a roof gutter will transport rainfall from your home to the lawn. However, leaf debris can clog gutters, obstruct proper water flow and potentially damage the gutter system. This is why proper maintenance is essential.

Mold Remediation CE Course Offered

“Is this covered [by insurance]?” This is the first question one asks when confronted with mold damage.

On Thursday, October 19, David D. Mackintosh will again partner with Cleantec to offer the 3-credit Continuing Education (CE) course #4171, Mold Remediation.

Cleantec to Offer IICRC Certification Courses

Cleantec will offer the following IICRC Certification courses at their Liverpool location (1232 Tulip Street, Liverpool):

Water Damage Restoration Technician Course, Monday Sept. 25 – Wednesday Sept. 27
Instruction begins at 8am each day; the course requires a total of 19 hours not including exam time, lunch and breaks.
Cost is $550; this does not include the IICRC exam fees.

Odor Control Technician Course, Thursday Sept. 28
Instruction begins at 8am; the course requires a total of 7 hours not including exam time, lunch and breaks.
Cost is $175; this does not include the IICRC exam fees. 

Tips to Enjoy Your Fireplace Safely

fireplace safetyNothing beats sitting around a fireplace on a cool, autumn day. However, homeowners must take proper precautions when using fireplaces to avoid damaging their house and endangering loved ones.

If proper care is not taken, fireplaces can cause a multitude of dangers. These include unwanted fires, potential explosions and the release of harmful toxins and carbon monoxide. Here are measures homeowners can take to prevent these dangers from happening:

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold is an unwanted guest in one’s home. Not only is it unsightly, it can be detrimental to your health. By depriving mold of the resources needed to grow, you can prevent mold from settling into your home.

First, mold needs moisture to grow and thrive. Allowing moisture to sit for extended period of times provides mold with an opportunity to spread. Get rid of any lasting moisture.

Cleantec Hosts Second NYS Certified CE Course

Once again, Cleantec collaborated with David D. Mackintosh to bring a NYS Continuing Education Course to local professionals. On July 20, David presented Emergency Claims (CE Course #4313) to a group of Insurance Agents and Brokers at Cleantec’s Liverpool office.

The course encompassed coverage issues every agent should know when it comes to coverage and contract issues restoration contractors confront. Upon completion, participating agents earned 3 CE credits and walked away with the knowledge to better assist clients who experience an emergency loss.


The Dangers of Mold

Living or working in mold-infested areas is dangerous. While there are varying levels of harm mold can inflict, the reality is sharing space with mold is risky. It is important to understand why mold is dangerous, how exposure can affect you, and warning signs of mold growth in your home or business.


Coverage Issues Every Agent Should Know

David D. Mackintosh is once again partnering with Cleantec to offer a 3-credit Continuing Education (CE) course.

On Thursday, July 20, David will present CE Course #4313, Water Damage Claims from 8am to 12pm at Cleantec, 1232 Tulip Street in Liverpool. This course is designed to reacquaint insurance agents/brokers with ISO’s HO 3 policy (1999) and the 2010 update, specifically how coverage may affect customers’ claims and the restoration process.

Cleantec Partners with Cleaning For a Reason

Here at Cleantec, we believe cleanliness goes beyond simple appearances. Working in a clean environment has a positive impact on one’s being. As our company’s owner Frank Parella says, “We are not in the cleaning business. We are in the business of ensuring our customers are successful by giving them a safe and healthy environment to work in.”

Naturally, this philosophy extends to one’s home environment, which is why we are happy to announce our new partnership with Cleaning for a Reason.

Employee Honors, Serves Local Veterans

Marc Smith recently returned from a three-day trip in which he volunteered as a chaperon to veterans visiting Washington DC monuments erected in honor of their service.

“Being a veteran myself, I feel it is important to honor those who have made sacrifices for our country,” Marc said, adding that he has been involved with this annual excursion since the beginning.

Prevent Flood Damage to Electrical Systems

Water and electricity do not mix – this is common knowledge. Electrical systems such as service panels, meters, switches and outlets are easily damaged by floodwater. Even more critical – Water damaged electrical systems are deadly.

If flooding occurs, it is important to contact a professional to ensure safe entry into a flood damaged home. Call your utility company, fire department or a licensed electrician to remove your home's electrical meter from its socket. Keep in mind also that your home’s flooded electrical equipment is almost certainly ruined.

Create a Fire Exit Plan for Your Home

House fires are unpredictable, which is why every household should have a fire exit plan in place. Not only that – every household member should practice the fire exit plan.

Here are some tips for developing and executing a fire exit plan:


Ensure Your Fire Alarm Is Working Properly

Fire alarm systems are proven life-saving devices.

Conducting regular maintenance and ensuring proper operation of your fire alarm system is prudent as it will provide household members with ample warning in the event of a fire. On the other hand, failure to ensure fire alarm systems are operating correctly can decrease the alarm’s effectiveness. If an alarm activates falsely, household members may dismiss the alarm in a real emergency.

What to Expect After a House Fire

It goes without saying: a house fire results in serious damage. Even areas spared damage from direct flame may have damage caused by smoke and water.

Safety is first. Before entering a damaged home, obtain permission from the fire department. Fires can start again, even if they appear to be out. Watch for damage caused by the fire including roofs and doors that may be at risk of collapsing.

Develop Evacuation Plan for Flooding

One of the perks of living in central New York is the abundance of water ways dotting our landscape. However, when the spring rains come, those beautiful features can become damaging and dangerous. Establishing an evacuation plan is smart planning and necessary, especially if you reside in a flood zone.

Here are some guidelines to consider if you reside in an area at risk for spring flooding:

Should I Install a Water Alarm?

When it comes to water damage, the sooner you know there is a problem, the better. That is why homeowners opt to install a water alarm. This self-contained electronic device provides an alert when there is potential water damage. When the device’s sensor comes into contact with water, an alarm is sounded.

Benefits of Installing a Water Alarm
Installing a water alarm can save homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. Here are some of the benefits:

CE Course Provides Valuable Knowledge

Cleantec recently collaborated with David D. Mackintosh to bring a Continuing Education Course to local professionals.

On March 30, David presented Water & Fire Loss (CE Course #3789) to a group of Insurance Agents and Brokers at Cleantec’s Liverpool office.

The course provided attendees with guidance on how to respond to clients’ inquiries regarding fire and water damage.


Steps to Ensure Sump Pump Is Working

Spring is here, and in Central New York that means rain. Now is the time to test your sump pump and make sure it is working properly.

The sump pump is used to prevent ground water from getting into the basement. Extra water can build up along the foundation,especially during heavy rains. A sump pump moves this excess ground water out and away from your home. 


Mark Lamphear Promoted to Senior Director

Mark Lamphear has been promoted to Senior Director. In this role, he is responsible for all project, maintenance and restoration work in both Syracuse and Ithaca.

“Mark was promoted because he possesses immense technical knowledge and is familiar with the majority of our customers,” Mike Lawler said.

The Senior Director is a newly created position designed to capture Cleantec’s project, maintenance and restoration groups under one umbrella. This includes all restoration work including mold remediation, water damage and fire damage services. 


Water & Fire Loss CE Course Offered

David D. Mackintosh will present a Water & Fire Loss Continuing Education course (#3789) from 8am to 12pm Thursday, March 30, at Cleantec, 1232 Tulip Street in Liverpool.

Please RSVP by calling (315) 463-5353. Space is Limited. Reservation held by $20 Donation to be given to the American Cancer Society.

Prevent Dangerous Ice Dams

With heavy snowfall come ice dams. Most commonly caused by improper insulation and/or construction, an ice dam is a block of ice that builds up on the edges of your roof. Heat from your home inadvertently warms your roof causing the snow to melt. The resulting water runs toward the edge of the roof where it meets cold air and freezes forming ice.

These thick blocks of ice can be dangerous and cause serious damage. Here we have listed potential dangers of ice dams, how you can prevent them and steps to remove them and fixing the damage they cause. 

Questions to Ask About Mold, Part V

The contractor took care of the mold. Am I done now?

Definitely. Maybe ... If the assessor and the remediation contractor completed each of their jobs, everything should be completed.


Questions to Ask About Mold, Part IV

I’ve decided to have a remediation contractor do the work. How can I tell a good one from a bad one?

Like most trades and professions, consider the following factors when choosing a remediation contractor:
- Education
- Licensing
- Experience
- Reviews

Questions to Ask About Mold, Part III

“I have my assessment. Now, who can clean this up for me?”

You have three choices: 1) Do nothing; 2) Clean it up yourself; or 3) Call a professional.

NYS mold law states a homeowner is not required to have a licensed contractor remove visible mold from an area less than 3-feet by 3-feet. The state considers this minimum amount to be safe for a homeowner to clean up. However, there are exemptions to this law (Click here to learn more).

Steps to Restore a Home After a Fire

One of our customers recently experienced a tragedy when their home caught fire. This video explains the first steps in restoring a home to its pre-fire condition.


Questions to Ask About Mold, Part II

“I already know I have mold in my house. Can we skip the assessment and get right to work getting rid of it?”

Here at Cleantec, we get this question frequently. Unless the client does the work themselves (this is possible, but there are restrictions), the answer is no. An assessment is necessary in New York State. This news can be discouraging for the client. However, the assessment provides several benefits (in addition to being required by NYS).

Questions to Ask About Mold, Part I

How do I know if I have mold in my home?

I get this question every day. My answer is always the same: Yes, you do have mold spores in your home. But, you are asking the wrong question. Instead, ask yourself these three easy questions:

When to Replace a Smoke Detector

How long does a smoke detector last?

Safety is priority when it comes to your home, which is why professionals recommend replacing smoke detector batteries on an annual basis. But did you know, the National Fire Protection Association also recommends homeowners replace their smoke detectors every 10 years.

On average, the typical American family moves into a different home every seven years. If you have "inherited" smoke detectors with the purchase of a home, please replace them. It's impossible to verify the age and condition of the unit.

How to Remove Tile Flooring

Removing a tile floor can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Before you get started, make sure you have the necessary tools you will need in order to remove the flooring. Some of the tools you might need are:


Four Reasons to Clean Your Air Ducts

Falling leaves, warmer clothing, shorter days - these are all signs that the cooler weather is coming. In preparation for the fall and winter weather, you should be sure your heating system is working properly - that includes getting your air ducts cleaned.

Here are four reasons to have your ducts cleaned before you crank up the heat:

Crime & Trauma Scene Restoration

Balancing Safety & Effectiveness
Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Cleaners in Crime & Trauma Scene Restoration

When cleaning-up a trauma scene, visual inspection for tiny droplets of blood can be challenging. This is particularly true when the potentially affected surface has an irregular pattern, as is common in building materials such as stone or decorative wood, or when the surface is a dark color. Spraying with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide can make the task of finding and cleaning blood spatter much easier. 

Facility Maintenance
Facility Maintenance

Emergency Restoration
Emergency Restoration

Janitorial Services
Janitorial Services

Window Washing
Window Washing

Construction Cleanup
Post Construction Cleanup

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